Step by Step Migration Process :

  1. Make a full copy of the WordPress site and MySQL Database.
  2. Setup up a staging server (on Dhali’s hosting platform) and make sure we bring up the site on a temp domain.
  3. Update all plugins and core libraries as needed.
  4. Test the site on the staging server.
        a. If the site fails and we CAN NOT do security updates, we stop and reach out for additional scoping.
        b. If the site fails and we CAN do security updates, we will estimate time/cost to bring the site up the date.
        c. If the site runs, we will do security, core and plugin updates.
  5. Once the site is running on the staging server we begin migration to the new hosting.
  6. Upload and connect the website to the new hosting.
  7. Make the final DNS changes to point the site over.