Raetz Law – Logo Design

We are currently working on a website redesign for RaetzLaw.com. As a part of this project, I am creating a logo to compliment the new site and colors. After some initial research and sketching, I created a few renditions using Illustrator. The early renditions can be seen below.


From this point, I decided to focus on the logo designs I felt were the strongest. After adding some taglines and tightening things up a bit, this version was sent to the client for review.

Raetz Law Branding

Since then I have received feedback from the client. They have suggested getting rid of the scales in favor of the attorneys initials. The revisions can be seen below.

Raetz Law Branding (revised)

Dashboard Concept

This week I focused on creating a simple and clean dashboard that can be applied to school or office setting. The goal of the dashboard is making the navigation feel new without taking away from the usability, and keeping the notifications in focus. To accomplish this, I created a navigation that rest on the left with a notification alert under the users photo.

You can see an example of the welcome page and a sub page below.


comp-one comp-two

User flow – Mock up

After a meeting with a potential client, I began building a low fidelity user flow for our proposal. Creating a rough user flow allows us and the client to see the amount of work a site will take to build out, which gives us an approximate timeline and price point.

I usually start with a whiteboard and notes from the client meeting about the needs for the site. In this case, the client needs a single sign in page that will lead to three different dashboards. Each dashboard will have its own functionality. With this in mind, I begin to create a rough outline.


During this process I will check my notes and goals to make sure that the site is as streamlined as possible. The goal is to make sure the site is completely functional without any more or less than necessary. From here, I go to Photoshop and clean the user flow up for the client proposal.