Classic ASP Developer Expert

Your Vision, Our Passion

Over the past 20 years, our team has worked on several large Classic ASP projects and conversion to ASP.NET applications for small business to large Fortune 500 companies, as well as Government Agencies. Contact us if you are looking for a Classic ASP Developer.

Classic ASP [Active Server Page] is a Microsoft programming language release in 1996.

See our GitHub Classic ASP Code samples updated by Dhali’s Classic ASP Developer / Programmer, Ravi Ram, who started coding his first Classic ASP application back in 1997.

Classic ASP Maintenance

Classic ASP Maintenance clients is a large part of our workload. All of our Classic ASP programmers are located in our Southern California Orange County office. We are currently working over 200 hours a month maintaining several large Classic ASP projects.

Refactoring Classic ASP code is one of our core competencies.

Refactoring Classic ASP code is one of our core competencies. We ‘Slice and Peel’ small chunks of code into separate files, in most cases creating Classes and Models. Yes, using modern and standard programming practices.

MS-SQL Classic ASP

Creating Record Set’s in Classic ASP is very tricky. Getting SQL queries to run fast and keeping Classic ASP code is key in making code easy to add and change.

Large Classic ASP Projects

Large Classic ASP projects are no problem at all. We have worked on projects that use Classic ASP with Google Map APIStripe Payment, AWS and SendGrid integration. So if you are looking for a Classic ASP Developer, contact us.

Classic ASP (VB Script) Expert

Classic ASP Developer for over 15 years in working with Classic ASP. Converting Classic ASP to ASP.NET.

  • ASP.NET = 8 years
  • Entity Framework (EF) = 5 years
  • LINQ = 4 years
  • C# = 10 years plus
  • ASP.NET MVC = 4 years
  • ASP Classic = 15 years
  • JSON = 4 years
  • AJAX = 4 years
  • JavaScript = 8 years
  • HTML = 10 years plus
  • CSS = 8 years
  • T-SQL = 7 years
  • SQL Server = 7 years
  • MySQL = 2 years
  • REST API = 3 years
  • AWS = 2 years
  • SendGrid = 2 years
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS) – 3 years
  • SVN – 4 years
  • GIT – 1 year (less)