Dhali is your Complete Internet and Technology Solutions Provider. Since 1996, Dhali has been Orange County’s first choice when looking for a website design and management firm.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to all our clients. From the most fundamental to the most refined website, Dhali offers everything necessary to meet your company’s requirements.

Whether you need website development, e-commerce, hosting, e-mail services, website promotion or administration, Dhali has the knowledge, skill, and resources to offer you and your company a complete solution.

The design of a Website begins with a comprehensive plan. Our team will layout several design concepts, all of which revolve around your business, who your audience is, how to reach them and how to efficiently display and distribute information about your products or services.

In today’s environment, website security is always of the utmost concern. Dhali not only has years of knowledge in design, but we also have a strong background in securing your website and it’s sensitive data.

Dhali’s founder, Ravi Ram, is a high-tech instructor for the California Department of Justice. As part of his duties with the California DOJ, Mr. Ram was part of a team that developed an advanced online investigation/network intrusion course.

Mr. Ram specifically developed these lessons that deal with on-line intrusion, website hacking, and e-commerce vulnerabilities. This course is focused on securing areas of websites that should not be accessed by “prying eyes”.

With this experience, Dhali has been contracted to design, maintain and host websites for:

. . . to name a few

The combination of technical strength integrated with high level IT Security makes Dhali the web developer of choice.

There is no other website design firm that has our experience! Dhali is perfectly suited to help you plan, develop, and manage every aspect of your Internet needs.

We are your Complete Internet and Technology Solutions Provider.