We typically assign a very focused team to a project, using a flat organizational structure that allows for rapid decision making because there are only few levels of management. Because of the nature of the particular project, we have assigned the below team-members to work on the website redesign.

Ravi Ram

Founder | Lead Developer
In 1996, Dhali’s founder, Ravi Ram began as a Web Designer and over the years has begun creating custom software for organizations and companies. He was a high-tech instructor for the California Department of Justice. As part of his duties with the California DOJ, Mr. Ram was part of a team that developed an advanced online investigation/network intrusion course. His specialties include: MS IIS, MS SQL Server, C#, VBScript, JavaScript, and Data Security. Ravi has a full-fledged knowledge of latest web technologies, which help us to develop a complete customized application that meets customer’s requirements.

Richard Ram

Lead Developer | CMS Integration
Richard has over 3 years of web and front-end development experience. Focusing on modern design requirements including Mobile/Tablet responsive CSS, JavaScript and user accessibility. Working with CMS systems like WordPress, he has helped our clients create and maintain beautiful and user friendly websites. Richard is currently a Junior at UC Irvine, majoring in Computer Software Engineering.

Cameron Elliott

Developer | CMS Integration
Cameron joined Dhali in 2019, and has been a great asset in helping getting our projects launched and fine tuning the finishing design touches before launch. He is technically savvy and does all the server and site settings needed to get sites up LIVE on our servers.

Ricardo Esquivias

Concept Creator | Designer | UI and UX Specialist
Over the past five years, Rick has specialized in creating designs for logos, print and all other things visual. Working with pencil and paper, to white-boards, to Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom, Rick is a true artist. From his  wireframes to working mock-ups, Rick works closely with the client to build Style Guides and consistent branding. His work provides our clients with the credibility and recognition they desire. This leads to trust and loyalty with your visitors and customers.

Elizabeth Ram

Project Manager | Client Relations Specialist
Elizabeth brings diverse client relations experience, meticulous organization skills and strategic focus to her Project Manager role at Dhali. Elizabeth has lead over 25+ projects from start to finish while at Dhali. Over the past several years, she has dealt with a vast range of client ‘preparedness’ levels, nonetheless, she has guided clients through the content creation process with great success. Her attention to detail and experience in client services more than qualifies her to support and manage accounts, ensuring deadlines are met efficiently and effectively.

Liia Mai

Account & Billing Manager
Liia brings a strong organization and is the liaison between us and our clients. She maintains all of our monthly management clients and makes sure their websites are up to date and secure on a regular basis. Liia also oversees all of Dhali’s accounts receivables.