Raetz Law – Logo Design

We are currently working on a website redesign for RaetzLaw.com. As a part of this project, I am creating a logo to compliment the new site and colors. After some initial research and sketching, I created a few renditions using Illustrator. The early renditions can be seen below.


From this point, I decided to focus on the logo designs I felt were the strongest. After adding some taglines and tightening things up a bit, this version was sent to the client for review.

Raetz Law Branding

Since then I have received feedback from the client. They have suggested getting rid of the scales in favor of the attorneys initials. The revisions can be seen below.

Raetz Law Branding (revised)

Jacket Software – Design process

When given the task of redesigning the logo for Jacket Software, I immediately did some research on the company, its current logo, and its goals.


As always, I began my logo design process by sketching 10-20 different concepts. This is an invaluable step that is often overlooked by designers, but actually helped me land on my final design.


Originally, I wanted to incorporate a lot of clean edges to emphasize a more modern look. Through this process, I created a J out of triangles, and thought “what if I put this in a circle?”. While sketching, I thought why not make a J out of circles?


I then scanned the image to Adobe Illustrator and sketched out the circles digitally. I played around with a few fonts and layouts, and eventually landed on what ended up being close to the final logo.
I made a few adjustments after reviewing with the client and created a branding sheet specifying fonts, colors, and alternate uses for the logo. You can see the final logo design, as well as a few mock ups here.

Logo Design – Jacket Software

Jacket Software is a company that builds web applications, and are in the process of upgrading their software. In the meantime, I was given the task of redesigning the company’s visual identity.

I started with the logo. Below is the final version of the logo. You can see an overview of the process here.







Logo Design concept – Iron Sharpens Iron


I finished the revised logo concept this afternoon for ISI.
The final product can be seen below.
Orange County logo design


When we decided the focus of the logo will be the shield, I created one using elements of flat design. From there I added effects to give it a rugged and realistic feel.  After i was satisfied with the structure and effects, I began to incorporate Proverbs 27:17 in the cross, and the two swords symbolizing its importance. I reduced the banner back to a flat design in order to create contrast in the final concept.
You can take a look at my process below.

Orange County logo design





I started updating a logo design for the website isi-la.org. After a conversation with a client, we decided to make the cross immersed on to the shield. I began working on that concept and added some texture. You can see a before and after example of the effects below.

Logo Design Orange county


Orange County Logo Design





I created a few logo redesign concepts for a non-profit organization based on a few key concepts from the current logo, which can be seen below.


We decided to focus on strong lettering, a shield protecting the cross, swords, and proverbs 27:17 for the redesign. A color scheme has not yet been selected. Below are a few concepts.


Logo design Orange County

Logo design – anticorruptioneducation.org


I’ve updated the logo design concepts for anticorruptioneducation.org based on some communication with the client. We based the revisions according to a few key points.

  • The logo was changed to a dark blue color.
  • The tagline “Because Knowledge is Power” was added along with the URL.

We also incorporated a bigger focus on the educational aspects of the site, as well as font choice and spacing.


Concept A

Orange County logo design

Concept B

Orange County logo design

Concept C

Orange County logo design




I started working on a logo design concept for anticorruptioneducation.org . The concept is based on a website where you can search for courses and other resources related to anti-corruption. I incorporated elements of flat design as well as a simple search icon to emphasize the website’s objective.


Concept D

Orange County logo design


Concept E

Orange County logo design



Concept F

Orange County logo design