New Google Algorithm to Favor Mobile Sites

Google has made a massive change to their search engine algorithm. The current changes will favor mobile friendly sites over older sites designed for computers. What does this mean for businesses? Essentially, businesses whose websites don’t follow a set of criteria will be penalized by ranking lower in their search engine. However, this also means that companies which are proactive in the conversion process to a mobile friendly site have a chance to be ahead of the curve.

What makes a site mobile friendly?

According to Google, sites which have a limited amount of graphics and flash animations will be considered more mobile friendly. Mobile devices use data plans often and have limited data speeds and less memory. Less images and animations will increase speed and accessibility for mobile users.
Google has also put an emphasis on how the pages scroll. Pages are to scroll up and down and require no scrolling left to right as well. This means the content must be stackable so regardless of the device the page will reformat for a smaller device.
This change is not shocking many analysts. 2014 was the first year in which people used their mobile devices more than their desktops and laptops.

What can businesses do?

Luckily site conversions can be done by web design companies. Contact Dhali in order to find out if your site is mobile friendly or not and if an upgrade is necessary.

Android Email Setup

Photos and steps are done in Android version KitKat 4.4.2.

1. In “APPS” select “SETTINGS.”



2. In “SETTINGS” go to “EMAIL” located under the applications tab.


3. If this is your first email set up click “OK“when it asks to configure now. If this is not your first account go to “MANAGE ACCOUNTS” followed by selecting the “+” to add a new email account.

4. Add the “EMAIL ADDRESS“and “PASSWORD” fields then click next.

5. Select “POP3 ACCOUNT” when prompted for what type of account.


6. Make sure “EMAIL ADDRESS” and “USERNAME” are both set to the same email address. The username field does not default this so must be changed. On the same screen change the “POP3 SERVER” to “MAIL.YOURURL.COM” and insert the respective URL.


7. Make sure “SMTP SERVER” is set to “MAIL.YOURURL.COM” and insert your respective URL.


8. Account options can remain unchanged unless otherwise preferred.

9. Account name and display name can be set or left to their default values. Click “DONE” and the email will be created and synced.