Think Lightweight – Logo and branding




Think Lightweight is a company that focuses on applying lightweight engineering principals to traditional solid wood applications. As the company continues to grow, we worked with them to update both their website and branding.

You can visit the official Think Lightweight website here.

The Logo



When creating the Think Lightweight logo, we wanted to emphasize both the lightweight and structure elements that represent the company. Think Lightweight’s previous branding contained a feather, which we felt represented the idea sufficiently. With the feather as the focus, we chose a light blue color that continued to represent lightweight. Finally, we paired this with both a hexagon and the Gotham font. These are both bold visuals that we feel represent the strong structures Think Lightweight creates.

 The Logo Use Guide

In addition to creating the logo, we provided Think Lightweight with a Logo Use Guide. This document helps Think Lightweight maintain a cohesive style in all future branding. You can view the guide by clicking the image below.



The Brochure

Because Think Lightweight offers many different products and specifications, we worked with them to create a product brochure. For both the product brochure and the website, we created individual product logos. The major challenge in creating the brochure was maintaining all of the technical information in a more simplified way. We accomplished this using a few design elements through out the website and the brochure. This includes hexagons, icons, colors and typography. You can view the entire brochure by clicking the image below.




Upgrade Wamp Server to PHP 7

We recently upgraded our development and production servers to PHP 7. We develop locally using Wamp Server so we needed to install PHP 7 on our computers as well. After digging around and some trial and errors I found the youtube video below.

Install Microsoft Packages

Download PHP 7

  • Download PHP zip file from
  • Choose the correct file 64 or 84 bit Depending on your operating system
  • Choose the Thread Safe file

Create PHP7 Folder in wamp directory

  • Extract contents from PHP7 Download
  • Copy files over to a new folder in wamp\bin\php\php7.0
  • You will need to copy 2 files from an older php version php.ini and wampserver.conf into your new folder wamp\bin\php\php7.0

Modify php.ini

  • In your new folder open php.ini
  • In php.ini find extension_dir and replace the older php version with the new version
  • In php.ini find zend_extension and comment this line out it is no longer needed.
  • Create a copy of php.ini once the above changes are made and rename it to phpForApache.ini

Modify wampserver.conf

  • In your new folder open wampserver.conf and replace LoadModuleName and LoadModuleFile to load the PHP 7 like so

phpConf['apache']['2.4']['LoadModuleName'] = 'php7_module';
$phpConf['apache']['2.4']['LoadModuleFile'] = 'php7apache2_4.dll';
$phpConf['apache']['2.4']['AddModule'] = '';

Start Wamp Load PHP 7

  • Start Wamp > PHP > Version > 7

Notes: PHP 7 needs Apache 2.4 otherwise it will not run. Make Sure Wamp Server is running Apache 2.4. In the video the extensions were changed I tried it and it PHP 7 wouldn’t load in Wamp Server so i kept the same extensions from my previous php.ini file and it worked