At Dhali we design most of our sites using WordPress. WordPress is a powerful open source software and tool for building websites and apps. Some estimate that over 25% of ALL websites are currently built with WordPress.

The most common use for a WordPress site is as a content management system, or CMS. This allows users to edit their website like a Google Doc. Along with the intuitive CMS, WordPress has a multitude of powerful tools “under the hood”. These tools allow our development team to make beautiful, easy to edit websites.

Another popular CMS is the new kid on the block, Squarespace. Squarespace is a beautiful, although limited, alternative to WordPress. Squarespace thrives off of its “drag and drop” system and pre-made themes. These tools allow users to create professional looking sites with no code or prior experience.

So which is best for you, WordPress or Squarespace?

The answer is it depends.

To decide, you must have the goal of the website in mind. The best way to explain this is by giving a few examples. As you will see, the choice almost always boils down to functionality and flexibility.


Let’s say you are a photographer who needs a simple portfolio site. The goal of the site is to showcase your work and set up a contact form for potential clients to reach you. You don’t have a large budget want to get started immediately.

The immediate answer here is Squarespace.

Why? Squarespace has a few pre-built templates for portfolios to get you started. Because you have a small budget, the upfront cost will only be for your domain name and first month of Squarespace. If you spend a few hours uploading your photos and connecting an email address, your site is as good as live.

Why you shouldn’t choose Squarespace.
Let’s say down the line you want to add in some sort of social interaction to your site, such as the ability to “like” photos. Squarespace simply does not have this functionality. Also, because Squarespace severs are the only place you can host Squarespace sites, you will never be able to transfer your website to another hosting provider.

Small Business

Let’s say that you are a small business looking to grow their online presence. The goal of your website is to display your products and reach out to potential clients. Your brand has a very distinct style, and in the future you hope to add eCommerce to your site so that you may sell products online.

The answer here is WordPress.

Building this site on WordPress will allow you to start with the end in mind. Phase one of the project will be getting the website up and running and adding in various pages and products. Phase two can then be implemented down the road, giving your site the eCommerce functionality when you need it.

In addition, with WordPress where you host your site is completely up to you, allowing further flexibility. All while branding and customizing your site to look the way you want it.

That’s where we come in.

Our team at Dhali has the skills and tools available to help you achieve your goals. We design fully customized sites with the future in mind, and even show you show to add to your WordPress website.

(We also offer hosting programs that cover everything from security maintenance to posting blogs)

See for your self!

Visit our clients page. All of which were built on WordPress.