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Adding Custom Properties to Objects in Classic ASP

I the last blog post Converting Recordset into Objects in Classic ASP we created a public function initialize(rs) which takes in a single row from the database and creates a single class object account.  Our goal is to add a new property named fullname where we combine firstname and lastname

We will update the public function initialize(rs) as follows:

public function initialize(rs)

dim row
set row = New account = rs("id")
   row.guid = rs("guid")
   row.lastName = rs("lastName")
   row.firstName = rs("firstName")
   row.fullname = rs("firstName") & ", " & rs("firstName") = rs("email")
   row.password = rs("password")
   row.passwordSalt = rs("passwordSalt")
   row.clientId = rs("clientId")
   row.administrator = rs("administrator")
   row.lastLogin = rs("lastLogin")
   row.created = rs("created")
   row.modified = rs("modified") = rs("active")

set initialize = row

end function

Updated the UL code with a new LI item for fullname.

Dim rsAccount
set rsAccount = getall()


  While (NOT rsAccount.EOF)

  Dim account
  call account = initialize(rsAccount)



If you run the code as is, you will get an error Variable is undefined: 'fullname'

All we need to do is make sure the account Class a property defined for fullname.

Class account

  public id
  public guid
  public lastName
  public firstName
  public fullname 
  public email
  public password
  public passwordSalt
  public clientId
  public administrator
  public lastLogin
  public created
  public modified
  public active

End Class

Now your code should run without an error. You now have an account object with a property fullname.

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