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Converting Recordset into Objects in Classic ASP

Now that you know how to create a Class and Objects in Classic ASP, we will look at Converting Recordset into Objects in Classic ASP.

Lets create a Class account which has several properties. I usually use the database table account and copy the model so the Class matches the database model

Class account

  public id
  public guid
  public lastName
  public firstName
  public email
  public password
  public passwordSalt
  public clientId
  public administrator
  public lastLogin
  public created
  public modified
  public active

End Class

Here I am creating a getall function to return all the rows in the account table in the database.

public function getall()

   dim sql
   sql = "select * from account"

   dim rs
   set rs = conn.execute(sql)
   set getall = rs

end function

When I started with Classic ASP, I would have written a simple While Loop

Dim rsAccount
set rsAccount = getall()


  While (NOT rsAccount.EOF)


The above code would write to the screen a <UL> foreach account row and <LI> foreach field/record in the database.

Object-Oriented Programming Approach

An OOP [Object-Oriented Programming] approach would be to initialize each account record using the account Class.

Instead of getting each data element using Recordset rsAccount("lastName"), we will use another function to map the Recordset row into our account object.

The public function initialize(rs) takes in a single row from the database and creates a single class object account.

public function initialize(rs)

dim row
set row = New account = rs("id")
   row.guid = rs("guid")
   row.lastname = rs("lastname")
   row.firstname = rs("firstname") = rs("email")
   row.password = rs("password")
   row.passwordSalt = rs("passwordSalt")
   row.clientId = rs("clientId")
   row.administrator = rs("administrator")
   row.lastLogin = rs("lastLogin")
   row.created = rs("created")
   row.modified = rs("modified") = rs("active")

set initialize = row

end function

Updated code combining Recordset with Class and Initializing each row into an object.

Dim rsAccount
set rsAccount = getall()


  While (NOT rsAccount.EOF)

  Dim account
  set account = initialize(rsAccount)



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